Exterior housing: made from stainless steel (1.4301 AISI 304) brushed longitudinally.hemo
Interior: made from stainless steel.
Door: The self-closing door is made from stainless steel with easily replaceable magnetic seal. The door stop-open on the right hand side and is lockable.
Insulation: The 75mm thick insulation is made from high-quality compression -molded, environmentally friendly injected polyurethane that ensures maximum
energy saving. This is unique to the Thalheimer model.
Drawers: The fridge is supplied with six drawers made from aluminum of medical specification. Their heights are adjustable and each has dividers similar to those
adopted internationally. The drawers are equipped with telescopic runners that stop at full withdrawal. Maximum load of each drawer is 50kg.
Castors: The fridge is equipped with four swivel castors. The front two have brake mechanism.
Interior light: The fridge has an interior LED lighting that is not only energy saving but has reduced heat output.


Refrigeration System:

  •  Danfos Compressor of high – quality system of EU origin, hermetically
    sealed, vibration free, low noise, energy saving, ventilation – enforced
  •  Inlet and exhaust air flow through slits at the top.
  •  Forced – air cooling and distribution through a blower that ensures uniform
    temperature throughout the volume and minimizes temperature deviations.
  •  Automatic fast defrosting when required
  •  Re-evaporation of defrost water in the evaporation panel under the
  •  Special air distribution system to stabilize temperature within the cabinet.
  •  Installed condenser filter.
  •  Energy efficient defrost management


Alarm and Safety Functions:

Mechanical safety thermostat is activated if the simulated core temperature is
lower than the minimum tolerance limit.
If the door is unduly kept open an optical and acoustic alarm is activated and
the interior LED lightning is activated; the compressor and fan switched off.
Two stage management is utilized, the first gives a visual and audio alarm at
the refrigeration controller and can be attended to by the operator, the second
is managed at the product temp. controller where it can be manipulated
through the central monitoring station. This unique system is available only
on Thalheimer fridge.
In the event of electrical power failure, the alarm and control mechanism and
data recording remains operative for 48 hours with the help of an installed
battery. This feature is unique to the Thalheimer fridge.
Intelligent energy – efficient defrost management is available.
The condensing temperature can be monitored even if the filter is blocked or
rendered inoperative.



  •  Drawers made from various other materials.
  •  Drawer’s dividers of various arrangements.
  •  Left or right hinged door
  •  GSM module
  •  Temperature documentation via PC

For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Frezo 850.PDF