Haemo Med Line 700
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In the blood transfusion and donation process and over the years, safety has emerged as a key concern in blood products sourced from blood bank refrigerators.
Thalheimer has developed its new HAEMO Med Line products including Blood Bank Refrigerator. This Blood Fridge is designed to conform with German standards and manufactured to comply with DIN58371 utilizing Thalheimer’s Technology developed over a period of six decades of specialization in medical refrigerated systems. The company is accredited with the ISO9001.
Our new innovative products have been designed with fully-automated pre-installed software system which enables our blood bank refrigerators and Freezers to fully control and record the operation.
All components are of German/EU origin. The fridge provides rapid cooling, quick performance and well controlled sustainable stable temperature compatible with human blood storage.
Some of our newly developed features represent the latest innovation in blood refrigeration system.

The professional HAEMO Med Line refrigerator range, specifically developed to be used by laboratories,
hospitals, clinics and blood and transfusion centers. All cabinets can be supplied with glass door or
Solid Door. The cooling system is specially designed to ensure optimal storage conditions for
temperature sensitive medical products and biological material, in order to meet the accurate storage
temperature control required. The series include wide range of capacities from 100 liters for minor
needs to 1400 liters.
HAEMO Med Line refrigerators are produced in compliance with all national and international regulatory requirements.
Optional Systems: Della4 Control system and RFID tracking system

Model HAEMO Med Line  Capacity  Temperature range
Blood Bank Refrigerator solid door / glass door – ATEX
HAEMO 500 S/W-SD / GD – ATEX  500 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 600 S/W-SD / GD- ATEX  600 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 700 S/W SD / GD – ATEX  700 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 850 S/WSD / GD – ATEX  850 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 1000 S/W SD / GD – ATEX  1000 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 1200 S/W SD / GD – ATEX  1200 +2°C to +8°C
HAEMO 1400 S/W SD / GD – ATEX  1400 +2°C to +8°C
Exterior housing: made from stainless steel (1.4301 AISI 304) brushed longitudinally.

Interior: made from stainless steel.

Door: The self-closing door is made from stainless steel with easily replaceable magnetic seal. The door stop-open on the right hand side and is lockable.

Insulation: The 75mm thick insulation is made from high-quality compression -molded, environmentally friendly injected polyurethane that ensures maximum
energy saving. This is unique to the Thalheimer model.

Drawers: The fridge is supplied with Five drawers made from aluminum of medical specification. Their heights are adjustable and each has dividers similar to those
adopted internationally. The drawers are equipped with telescopic runners that stop at full withdrawal. Maximum load of each drawer is 50kg.

Castors: The fridge is equipped with four swivel castors. The front two have brake mechanism.

Interior light: The fridge has an interior LED lighting that is not only energy saving but has reduced heat output.

Refrigeration System: Danfos Compressor of high – quality system of EU origin, hermetically
sealed, vibration free, low noise, energy saving, ventilation – enforced system.
Inlet and exhaust air flow through slits at the top.
Forced – air cooling and distribution through a blower that ensures uniform temperature throughout the volume and minimizes temperature deviations.
Automatic fast defrosting when required Re-evaporation of defrost water in the evaporation panel under thecompressor.
Special air distribution system to stabilize temperature within the cabinet.
Installed condenser filter.
Energy efficient defrost management.

Alarm and Safety Functions: Mechanical safety thermostat is activated if the simulated core temperature is
lower than the minimum tolerance limit of + 2 °C.
If the door is unduly kept open an optical and acoustic alarm is activated and
the interior LED lightning is activated; the compressor and fan switched off.
Two stage management is utilized, the first gives a visual and audio alarm at
the refrigeration controller and can be attended to by the operator, the second
is managed at the product temp. controller where it can be manipulated
through the central monitoring station. This unique system is available only
on Thalheimer fridge.
In the event of electrical power failure, the alarm and control mechanism and
data recording remains operative for 48 hours with the help of an installed
battery. This feature is unique to the Thalheimer fridge.
Intelligent energy –efficient defrost management is available.
The condensing temperature can be monitored even if the filter is blocked or
rendered inoperative.

OPTIONS: Drawers made from various other materials.
Drawer’s dividers of various arrangements.
Glass door
Left or right hinged door
GSM module
Temperature documentation via PC

Model 500 600 700 850 1000 1200 1400
Capacity / L 504 616 700 854 1009 1233 1401
Temp. Range (Refrigerator) +2°C to +10°C X X X X X X X
Temp. Range (Freezer) +0°C to -40°C X X X X X X X
Unit External Width (mm) 710 780 780 920 1420 1420 1420
Unit External Depth (mm) 800 820 910 910 700 820 910
Unit External Height (mm) 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Product Weight (kg) 180 190 195 205 230 240 245
Unit internal Width (mm) 570 640 640 780 1280 1280 1280
Unit Internal Depth (mm) 660 660 750 750 540 660 750
Unit Internal Height (mm) 1460 1460 1460 1460 1460 1460 1460
Stainless steel finish internally Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
White coated / ST. ST. externally option option option option option option option
Door type: Solid/Glass door Single Single Single Single Double Double Double
Hinged door X X X X X X X
Replacement Door Seal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open Door Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Feet / castors option option option option option option option
Temperature controller (Touch panel – Della 4) Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Temperature Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Shelves or drawers 5 6 6 6 12 12 12
Interior Light in case of glass door Option Option Option Option Option Option Option
Interior Light in case of Solid door Option Option Option Option Option Option Option
ATEX Option Option Option Option Option Option Option
Auto defrost for freezer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Refrigerant R404a R404a R404a R404a R404a R404a R404a
NO FROST for Refrigerator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CFC Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plug Types Available Any Any Any Any Any Any Any
Voltage Supply 220-240V 50/60 HZ, 1 Ph Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power consumption (W) 295 295 295 295 350 350 370
Admissible ambient temperature (°C) +10,:,C +38,:,C +10,:,C +38,:,C +10,:,C +38,:,C +10,:,C +38,:,C + 10,:,C +38,:,C +10,:,C +38,:,C +10,:,C +38,:,C
Normal consumption (Kwh/24h) 2.4 2.5 2.7 3 3.2 3.3 3.5
Heat emission (max.) (W) 410 410 410 410 450 450 450
AMP (A) 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 2.2 2.2 2.2
Noise level (dB(A)); distance lm 45 45 45 45 48 48 48
Insulation Thickness (mm) 70 70 70 70 70 70 70
Anti-Microbial Handle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insulation Type PU PU PU PU PU PU PU

Control system specifications Della 4 ®
The unit and all functioning of the refrigerator is being managed by a touch screen microprocessor control system. The control system has a data recording system and Ethernet through which, you can connect it to the BMS, all required alarms are included in our new system. The system can also be connected to the local network or internet and all alarms and functions of the unit can be controlled through remotely.

Hardware Display:
1) TFT display with minimum size of 4” true colors 24 bpp with resistive touch screen interface
2) Low power supply for display in the range between 12-24 Vdc.
3) Serial communication between display and refrigerator is RS485
4) Display can be installed at any place within a range of 200 M distance from the refrigerator.
5) SD card or micro SD Card data storage for long life data storage for each refrigeration unit.
6) GSM plug in board as an option for 3G connection
7) Ethernet connection
8) USB port for download data storage and upload firmware and software updating
Software Display:
1) Linux embedded operating system based.
2) Possibility to connect the display to the BMS with support Modbus TCP protocol.
3) Web server based integrated
4) Corpus storage management system (CSMS) showing all corpus data with displaying the name of the corpus during
occupation, with recording all movements of corpses. Using color code to indicate immediately if the cell is Free of corpus or occupied.
5) CSMS controlled remotely from the central administration office for data entry, and the real-time situation.
6) Continuous graph of cold room Temp and set point. With Temp digital indication.
7) Unlimited identified password for different levels of operators and users
8) Possibility to display movies showing the instruction for operation
9) Possibility to records temperature in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit
10) Recording frequency every 30 seconds
11) All setting and calibration through TFT display
12) Special password for locking system (Option)

Hardware controller:
1) Switching power supply for 110/220V – 50/60Hz
2) 2 NTC probes (Chamber and evaporator)
3) Humidity probe.
4) PT 100 probe
5) UPS and Battery back-up with system recharge for monitoring system and data storage
6) RS485 communications with twin modes compatible

Alarm system:
1) Visual and Audio alarms in the display with detailed fault description and the possibility to click an icon to show a movie
describing the maintenance required
2) Remote relay alarm system.

RFID solution
Recognized as the right solution by the blood transfusion community, this system guarantees blood product traceability, management and integrity at every stage of processing and storage, right up to the patient’s bedside.

Thalheimer RFID interactive contactless recording and monitoring of data brings greater assurance to product traceability from donation through processing to delivery to the blood bank.

The integration of the RFID solution with ‘smart’ refrigerators into the hospital blood transfusion process means haemovigilance can be reinforced, traceability is improved and the potential for errors reduced.

The integration of the RFID solution into daily operations throughout the supply chain can significantly reduce manual handling, streamlining operations and saving costs.

  • Safe transfusions
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Respect of ethics

Product Info:

Transfusion : Complete solution for traceability and management of packed red blood cells
The Thalheimer RFID Transfusion solution satisfies all traceability and management requirements with regard to packed red blood cells, from the separation of the donated whole blood right through to delivery of the product for transfusion.

  • “Product” information instantly accessible in real time
  • Totally new, effective stock management
  • Guaranteed integrity of the cold chain
  • Guaranteed safety right up to the recipient’s arm

All this ensures the optimum traceability of each unit throughout the transfusion chain.

Thalheimer RFID Transfusion is a global solution based on:

  • An RFID chip with a unique ID attached to each RBC unit
  • Integrated readers to read and write each chip (e.g. inside fridges)
  • The software suite, interfaced with the various business-specific software programs involved

Haemo Med Line RFID:

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