Autopsy Table:

Professional autopsy tables with integrated exhaust system serve for an optimal and ergonomic working, with all necessary equipment.

Autopsy Table with Down-Draft-System – Vertical adjustable and rotating

  1. Rotating right/left side approx. 180°
  2. incl. Exhaust system
  3. Height adjustable from 750 to 1000 mm
  4. Knee-operated mixing tap for cold and warm water
  5. 3 m shower hose with hand sprinkler
  6. 2 splash proof electrical outlets
  7. Regulator valve for integrated sprinkler system

Product picture ATF 260

 Autopsy Table

Accessories for Autopsy table

  • Neck rest TNR 10
  • Neck rest TNR 20
  • Body support
  • Body support sheet
  • Dissection table
  • Fresh air hood
  • Cutting board

For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Autopsy Table.PDF