Four racks of three bodies Mortuary refrigerator/Freezer(12 cadavers)

Thalheimer Mortuary refrigerators and freezers cell type / single door model LKZ CC / LKZT CC are produced with emphasis on modern technology, economic efficiency and German preciseness. Through continuous improvements in the manufacturing process, including the development and utilization of environmentally friendly, state of the art technologies, we have been able to significantly increase the refrigeration performance and efficiency of our products while dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Insulation: Refrigerator: 80 mm polyurethane-foam / Freezer: 100 mm polyurethane-foam, both options are sufficient to maintain the specified internal temperature in the specified ambient conditions, with low heat transfer coefficient 0,240 W/m2K

Roller tracks: Per body one roller track with 5 rolls with maintenance-free ball bearings for an easy move of the tray in and out. At the rear side the roller
is produced with an additional stop-roll which prevents shocks against
the back wall. The rolls are made of corrosion resistant material, coated
with plastic material and have maintenance-free ball bearings; the rails
are completely made of stainless steel.

Body trays: Each mortuary refrigerator equipped with body trays, made of stainless steel quality 1.4301, seamless deep-drawn, rested on skids and at the small sides provided with bow handles, dimensions L x W x H = 2060 x 620 x 90 mm

Cooling system: Can be mounted on the top panel, alongside the refrigerator or remotely (Split unit), the compressor is hermetically sealed, air-ventilated, vibration-free. The refrigerant used are of different types R134a or R404a or R507 CFC-free. Automatic time controlled defrosting, safety thermostat, microprocessor controller. As per customer’s requirement Thalheimer can design and produce Mortuary refrigeration and freezing systems with double cooling system that can be mounted on top, on side, or remotely in a machine room or anywhere. The cooling system includes auto switchover. The calculation of cooling capacity for each unit is designed to perform at a maximum ambient temperature.

The double cooling system is usually designed with the following features:
Provide complete back up protection for the cooling system of the mortuary refrigerator or freezer. This cooling system designed to contain two complete refrigeration units with duplicate condensing units and evaporators (fan coil). Each of these systems is enough to cool the cooling chamber independently. So if one fails for any reason the other takes over automatically to maintain the required internal temperature The system has a timer that alternates the two refrigerator system, running over for a pre-set period of time, enhancing the life of the system. (i.e. operational and resting on regular basis). The evaporators are of high-powerful type installed in the interior of the mortuary refrigerator, switched off / on from the control panel or (optional) if the doors are opened / closed (activated with a door-contact switch).

Condensation water drainage:
Drainage piping from evaporator to the floor drain through bottom panel or side
panel is possible, interior evaporation of condensation water is also possible.

Alarm system: Visual and acoustic signaling at temperature instability, voltage 230 V or batteries, can be connected to remote alarm control through potential-free terminal. In case of double cooling system, each unit includes central alarm system, microprocessor-controlled, with optical and acoustical signals. The front side of the refrigerator is supplied with control panel which contains digital indication displays with 0.1 C resolution for internal temperature, audio and visual alarm for high temperature, temperature regulator, temperature recorder with (Optional) paper discs and internal light switch. The control system includes high-low pressure cut out, oil pressure cut out units, operation timers, defrost timers, and all other major elements.

Electrical system: The cooling systems produced for connection to power supply of 230/240 or 380 V, 50-60 Hz-1 ph-3ph. The supply includes power plugs and 3 m long power connecting cords, for connection to local power sockets.

Capacity: 12 bodies, for the storage of normal size corpses, 4 pieces on 3 level RACKS, compatible in its dimensions to the body lifter.

Door: 4 separate compartment door, dimensions WxH = 800 x 2000 mm, chromed fittings and key lock. The door can be opened with approx. 180° . Optional: can install the unit with floor level finish, there will be no need for the ramp, and the trolley can drive-in directly.

Internal lighting: Internal lighting, water proof, to be switched on at the temperature controller.

Body trays: Each mortuary refrigerator/freezer equipped with 12 body tray, made of stainless steel quality 1.4301, seamless deepdrawn, rested on skids and at the small sides provided with bow handles, dimensions L x W x H = 2060 x 620 x 90 mm

Roller tracks: Per body one roller track with 5 rolls with maintenance-free ball bearings for an easy move of the tray in and out, at the rear side with an additional stop-roll which prevents shocks against the back wall. The rolls are made of corrosion resistant material, with special coating material and have maintenance-free ball bearings, the rails are completely made of stainless steel.

Refrigeration system: Single/Double cooling system (top mounted) each unit is capable to maintain the required internal temperature at the specified ambient conditions. The compressors are semi hermetic, air cooled type.

Ambient temperature: the cooling systems are suitable for ambient temperatures up to max. +50° C

Refrigerant: R404a ozone friendly and CFC-free

Assembly: sandwich panels with groove and tongue assembled together with foamed-in eccentric hooks, guarantee a high stability and tightness.

Mortuary Refrigerator
Temperature range: +3°C/+5°C
Dimensions W/D/H in mm: 4360 x 2260 x 2260
For loading from 4 Transport Racks Model LRT 3
Doors W/H in mm: 4-door 800 x 2000
Connections: 230/240V – 50-60 Hz
White Order-No.: LKZ W-4RL 12
Stainless Steel Order-No.: LKZ SS-4RL 12

Mortuary Freezer
Temperature range: 0°C/-20°C
Dimensions W/D/H in mm: 4400 x 2300 x 2300
For loading from 4 Transport Racks Model LRT 3
Doors W/H in mm: 4-door 800 x 2000
Connections: 230/240V – 50-60 Hz
White Order-No.: LKZT W-4RL 12
Stainless Steel Order-No.: LKZT SS-4RL 12

Control system specifications Della 9 ®
The two units and all functioning of the mortuary refrigerator is being managed by a touch screen microprocessor control
system. The control system has a data recording system and Ethernet through
Which, you can connect it to the BMS, all required alarms are included in our new system. The system can also be connected to
the local network or internet and all alarms and functions of the unit can be controlled through remotely.
Hardware Display:
1) TFT display with minimum size of 9” true colors 24 bpp with resistive touch screen interface
2) Low power supply for display in the range between 12-24 Vdc.
3) Serial communication between display and mortuary refrigerator is RS485
4) Display can be installed at any place within a range of 200 M distance from the mortuary refrigerator.
5) SD card or micro SD Card data storage for long life data storage for each refrigeration unit.
6) GSM plug in board as an option for 3G connection
7) Ethernet connection
8) USB port for download data storage and upload firmware and software updating
Software Display:
1) Linux embedded operating system based.
2) Possibility to connect the display to the BMS with support Modbus TCP protocol.
3) Web server based integrated
4) Corpus storage management system (CSMS) showing all corpus data with displaying the name of the corpus during
occupation, with recording all movements of corpuses. Using color code to indicate immediately if the cell is Free of
corpus or occupied.
5) CSMS controlled remotely from the central administration office for data entry, and the real-time situation.
6) Continuous graph of cold room Temp and set point. With Temp digital indication.
7) Unlimited identified password for different levels of operators and users
8) Possibility to display movies showing the instruction for operation
9) Possibility to records temperature in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit
10) Recording frequency every 30 seconds
11) All setting and calibration through TFT display
12) Special password for locking system (Option)

Hardware controller:
1) Switching power supply for 110/220V – 50/60Hz
2) 2 NTC probes (Chamber and evaporator)
3) Humidity probe.
4) PT 100 probe
5) UPS and Battery back-up with system recharge for monitoring system and data storage
6) RS485 communications with twin modes compatible

Alarm system:
1) Visual and Audio alarms in the display with detailed fault description and the possibility to click an icon to show a movie
describing the maintenance required
2) Remote relay alarm system.

LTW-MHY hydraulic foot operated lifter

– Lifting Range: min./max. 300/1660 mm
– Loading/unloading of Thalheimer
Mortuary Refrigerators.
– Dimensions: min./max. lxwxh =
2100 x 750 x 300/1650 mm
– Net weight: approx. 110 kg
– Carrying Capacity: 250 kg


TB-V viewing and Transport cart

– Dimensions W/D/H: 2080 x 540 x 650 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg
– Dead weight: approx. 50 kg
– Material: Stainless steel




Mobile Transport Racks

– 2 casters for steering, 2 with brakes
– Material: Stainless steel
– Lifting Capacity: 400kg – 800kg
– Levels: 2 – 4


ADT-260 W – Autopsy dissecting table

– Basin W/D/H 400 x 500 x 200 mm
– Outlet 2“ with strainer
– 2 lockable wheels
– Dimension W/D/H: 2600 x 750 x 850 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg


CleanCut CNS3A – Autopsy saw

– Motor power (max.): 1kW
– Supply frequency: 50-60 Hz
– Suction: 2500 water gauge mm
– Sound level: 58 dB(A)



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