Key of abbreviations:

• Vario: Laboratory refrigerators
• Frezolab: Laboratory freezer
• S: Stainless steel
• W: White coated galvanized steel
• SD: Solid Door
• GD: Glass Door
• ATEX: Explosion proof
• Numerical (e.g. 500): Gross volume
• For ordering you need to mention the model as follows:
Model – Capacity – type of metal – Type of door– in case of explosion prove
e.g (VARIO 500 S SD) (Laboratory 500 Lit Stainless body with steel solid door)

General specifications

Thalheimer’s laboratory refrigerator / Freezersare ideal for the safe storage of a wide variety of volatile liquids, chemicals and any other laboratory materials.


Refrigerator operating temperature range+2°C to +8°C
Freezer operating temperature range 0°C to -40°C
NEW Advanced Controller: LED or Touch panel with microprocessor records temperatures accurate to 0.1°C.
Lock and two keys: for improved safety, accountability and security over domestic refrigeration, a lockable fridge helps prevent unauthorized access to valuable and dangerous contents.
Audible and visual high and low temperature alarms: to alert anybody nearby as soon as the temperature starts to go too high or low, so that action can be taken to rectify the problem and prevent damage to the contents.
Open door alarm: to prevent spoilage from raised internal temperature and illicit entry if the door is left open.
Front lockable roller castors: To make this large fridge easier to move for cleaning and maintenance
Shelves: Solid stainless steel shelves are standard with the possibility to offer wired shelves and drawers
Chart Recorder is optional
• USB Data Logging optional
GSM module: Optional
Temperature Monitoring Software: records air and load temperatures constantly and holds a fullparameters required until it is being downloaded through USB.
Power Failure Alarm

For detailed description and technical specification please visit (PDF)

10 drawers in -40C freezer cabinet

Double glass door stainless steel cabinet

Double solid doors stainless steel cabinet 1

Double solid doors stainless steel cabinet 2

Glass door stainless steel cabinet

Solid door stainless steel cabinet