Blood Bank / Plasma Refrigerators:blood bank refrigeratorblood bank refrigerator

In the blood transfusion and donation process and over the years, safety has emerged as a key concern in blood products sourced from blood bank refrigerators.
Thalheimer has developed its new HAEMO Med Line products including Blood Bank Refrigerator. This Blood Fridge is designed to conform with German standards and manufactured to comply with DIN58371 utilizing Thalheimer’s Technology developed over a period of six decades of specialization in medical
refrigerated systems. The company is accredited with the ISO9001.
Our new innovative products have been designed with fully-automated pre-installed software system which enables our blood bank refrigerators and Freezers tofully control and record the operation.
All components are of German/EU origin. The fridge provides rapid cooling, quick performance and well controlled sustainable stable temperature compatible with human blood storage.Some of our newly developed features represent the latest innovation in blood refrigeration system.


Products Range:

For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Blood Plasma Refrigerators .PDF