5e4f21f6f2This stationary abrasive cutter with fixed work ing table was developed for dissecting tissue, bones and composite materials, such as metallic and/or ceramic manufactures. A diamondcoated, highly precise cutting band is used for abrasive cutting. It produces precise sections with outstanding surface quality – a prerequisite for fast histological evaluation and further processing.

Protruding Qualities of cut-Protruding Qualities of cut-grinder

Overheating, chipping and microfractures in the specimen are ruled out
The dissector uses a sturdy, adjustable spray guard that enables full view of the cutting area
The cutting band is continuously rinsed and cooled with fresh water, a recirculating cooling system being foregone for hygienic reasons.
The device is made entirely of stainless high-grade steel and is maintance-free.


Technical data:
Current: Three-phase alternating current
Voltage: 230 Volt / 400 V
Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz on request
Rated current consumption: 3,6 A
Power consumption: 2,0 KW
Working table: 800 x 800 mm
Wheel diameter: 315 mm
Weight: 110 kg
Set-up surface area: (WxD) 500 x 440 mm
External dimensons: (WxD) 777 x 810 x 1600 mm
Cutting height: max. 330 mm
Cutting wide: max. 300 mm
Type: TCG-10


For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Cut-Grinder Cutter.PDF