Autopsy saw CleanCut CNS 3A Autopsy system incorporates a saw hand piece and an extractor system which operates to the highest standards of pathogenic debris containment and filtration.

Saw-with-extraction Saw-with-extraction

  • The safe 40 Vdc handpiece is fully immersible allowing it to be routinely scrubbed and disinfected after use
  • Fully variable speed from zero to maximum operating speed is controlled at the power supply for optimum cutting efficiency
  • Saw handpiece is rated against liquid ingress to IP67 – immersible at 1 metre
  • The extractor has five levels of filtration enabling the system to meet the highest health standards

The CleanCut NS170-T air driven oscillating saw has been specifically developed to allow repeated sterilization by vacuum steam autoclaving

  • Oscillating speed: 17000 cpm
  • Air consumption: 3.3 l/s (7cfm)
  • Normal operating pressure: 7 bar (101 lbf/ in2)
  • Length: 267 mm
  • Weight: 0.86 kg
  • Sound level: 75 dB(A)
  • High-capacity vacuum cleaner for autopsy saw
  • Simple and fast filter change
  • Flexible extraction hose with plunger
  • Movable
  • The extractor has five levels of filtration enabling the system to meet the highest health standards. The first level is a disposable inner bag which retains debris when removed from the extractor for disposal.
    Level 2 is a zipped cloth outer bag which retains debris if the inner bag fails. Alternatively it may be disposed of with inner bag without opening the zip.
    Levels 3 and 4 comprise two cloth filters which protect the micro filter in the event of a split or poorly fitted paper or cloth bag. They may be rinsed and soaked in disinfectant if required.
    Level 5 is a micro filter which is located within the extractor units power head. It contains
    99.997% of particles greater than 0.5 microns.

For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Autopsy Saw CNS 3A.PDF

Product picture Vacuum cleaner for autopsy saw CNS 3A