Preparation cabinets

For storage of fixed fabric samples we afford different preparation cabinets, them has to be connected to a side-mounted exhaust system (not included). By exhaust the cabinets it can’t leak out unsanitary vapours.

Preparation cabinet with hinged doors

  • Stable construction made of bevelled stainless steel
  • Height adjustable shelfs
  • Hinged doors with handles
  • Doors available made of stainless steel or ESG safety glass
Product picture NPS 1000  with hinged doors


preparation cabnets


preparation cabnet


Preparation cabinet with trolleys

  • Cabinet without bottom to run-in with trolleys
  • Ahead sliding doors made of ESG safety glass with easy slight rails
  • Space below the door for indraught
  • Trolleys made of stainless steel to collet different bins

Product picture NPS-1600-FM





preparation cabent


Preparation cabinet made of Vollkernlaminat

  • Stable construction made of Vollkernlaminat
  • Extremely robust and resistant material
  • Available in different colours
  • Height adjustable shelfs
  • Hinged doors with with handles
  • Cabinets available with hinged doors or sliding doors
Product picture NSP-1000-HPL  made of Vollkernlaminat


preparationa cabnet



  • Stable construction made of bevelled stainless steel
  • Collet different bins
  • Mobile with 4 with castors and locking devices
  • Universal insertable
  • For Detailed Description and Technical Specification Please Visit Pdf Cover Trolley.PDF
Product picture ST-715


prepational trolley