Thalheimer Kuehlung was established in 1948 as a joiner’s workshop providing basically refrigerated counters, beer cooling equipment, cold rooms, refrigerators and ice makers for breweries and catering.The new production line was developed from this technical know-how. Manufacturing of medical cooling devices and custom-made cooling units has expanded over the years to Thalheimer’s main line of business and matured continuously.
The range of products extended constantly. During the fifties, for example, the first equipment for hypothermia and hyperthermia treatment was designed and built followed up by laboratory and blood banks refrigerators. Later the range of production was widened through the chest freezers and upright freezers, ultra deep freezers (-85°C) and plasma blast freezers.

Furthermore Thalheimer produces mortuary refrigeration systems and accessories. The production of custom-made equipment consists of mortuary preservation equipment, autopsy and dissection tables, different kinds of transport carts and ventilation systems for hospitals, universities’ departments of pathology and anatomy and forensic institutes. For industrial needs Thalheimer provides cooling devices and systems specially customized to the individual requirements.

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Forensic Products Histo-pathology Lab  Laboratory Refrigeration
In the world where technology is playing a key role, Thalheimer Kühlung with exceptional engineering skills, is adapting to a broad range of industry and market changes and challenges. Health practitioners, law enforcement agencies, defense and prosecuting attorneys know the value of properly handled and preserved forensic evidence to identify victims and suspects and to help build cases leading to verdicts by jurors.  Procedures for the proper storage of these samples have been established, and proper refrigeration is a key element in many of these procedures. click here With a designated research and development team, Thalheimer Kühlung is driven by innovation, research and product development. The Histo-pathology equipments are made from high quality raw material for its effective use. Moreover, the machine is widely used in various hospitals and nursing homes. These products are known for their durability, reliable performance and easy operations. click here Laboratory refrigeration systems provide safe cold storage of critical samples, reagents, blood, enzymes, cell cultures, and patient medication. Lab refrigerators are a step up from your standard household units, however, with features that address sample-damaging temperature variations and unpredictable defrost cycles. Refrigerators are a fixture in most labs, including research, medical, and pharmaceutical facilities. Refrigerator operating temperature range +2°C to +8°C / Freezer operating temperature range 0°C to -40°C click here
 Blood Plasma Refrigerators/Freezers (+RFID)  Pharmaceutical Refrigerators  Deep-/ Ultra-/ Shock-Freezers
Blood Plasma refrigerator freezers incorporate design and technology elements that facilitate lab work. For example, manual defrosting helps the user control freezer burn, dehydration, and improper thawing. Thalheimer Kühlung laboratory refrigerators freezers can also come with a sophisticated Della microprocessor temperature controller. This permits user-defined temperature setpoints, complemented by alarms that indicate when the unit is over or under temperature, or if the door is ajar. These laboratory refrigerator freezers are generally more durable than their consumer counterparts. Temperature setting +4 °C/ -25 °C click here A pharmacy refrigerator is an enclosed space with a constantly maintained cold temperature. Pharmacy refrigerators are used in hospital pharmacies, community pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies to store drugs that are more stable, and therefore have longer shelf lives, when kept at temperatures below room temperature. Pharmacy refrigerators can be small or large and come with or without a freezer. Temperature range
+2°C to +10°C
/ 0°C to -40°C click here
Many labs are in the market for a laboratory or industrial freezer because the energy efficiency of newer models provides a relatively quick return on investment. Thalheimer Kühlung freezers keep samples, reagents, and pharmaceuticals at the proper temperature, and come in upright, chest, and benchtop models. freezer types include ultralow-temperature (ULT) freezers (–45 to –86 °C), –20 °C freezers, cryofreezers and cryogenic shippers, blood bank and plasma models, liquid nitrogen freezers, and freezers for flammable material storage, which may feature hermetically sealed compressors and spark-proof construction. Explosion-Proof Refrigerators, engineered to prevent triggering an explosion inside or outside the unit. click here
 Cold Rooms
The range of commercial cold rooms offered by Thalheimer Kühlung is designed according to the latest standards of refrigeration industry. By browsing through our collection, you can easily find the walk in fridge ideal for your business. The modular cold room offered by Thalheimer Kühlung is (remote) or integrated. We do not compromise on the quality of the product. We only offer high quality chiller rooms to our customers. click here