Thalheimer Kuehlung was established in 1948 as a joiner’s workshop providing basically refrigerated counters, beer cooling equipment, cold rooms, refrigerators and ice makers for breweries and catering.The new production line was developed from this technical know-how. Manufacturing of medical cooling devices and custom-made cooling units has expanded over the years to Thalheimer’s main line of business and matured continuously.

The range of products extended constantly. During the fifties, for example, the first equipment for hypothermia and hyperthermia treatment was designed and built followed up by laboratory and blood banks refrigerators. Later the range of production was widened through the chest freezers and upright freezers, ultra deep freezers (-85°C) and plasma blast freezers.

Furthermore Thalheimer produces mortuary refrigeration systems and accessories. The production of custom-made equipment consists of mortuary preservation equipment, autopsy and dissection tables, different kinds of transport carts and ventilation systems for hospitals, universities’ departments of pathology and anatomy and forensic institutes. For industrial needs Thalheimer provides cooling devices and systems specially customized to the individual requirements.