Automatic Electromechanical Door-Locking System Controlled by Della9 & RFID
The concept of the Automatic Electromechanical Door Locking System (AEDL SYSTEM)
is to keep away unauthorized people from accessing the Mortuary refrigerator
without permission. There will be no manual keys and locks. All door opening
management can be done through the touch panel display control system Della9
with RFID, through which you can enter your access code (password) and select the
door which needs to be opened, the system will require a second security level, (RFID
badge) to enable the operator getting the door opened. The door will be released from its
locking status automatically; after loading the mortuary with the body tray, the
operator needs to close the door.
The AEDL SYSTEM uses Electromechanical locking mechanism with battery operation.
The mechanical holding force for each lock is 200 KG. The access codes (Passwords)
can be programmed with different codes as much as required. All actions, door open,
door close, opening duration etc. are stored in the memory of the control system and
can be shown in the reporting system. You can also find out the actual door status
(opened or closed) directly on the display controller by clicking the door status to find it
directly on the Mortuary mapping..

RFID Smart Forensic
The concept of the RFID Smart Forensic is to design a project for a complete Forensic
institute with the aim of having full traceability of all movements of Corpse as well as
operators and to have history of all admission/ dispatch as well as any operation/action

The project consist of
RFID Tracking Gate System (TGS)

• The institute will be designed/divided into different zones between which there will be
a smart control gate with RFID satellite readers to track the RFID Tag when ever moving
from one zone to the other.
• The Corpse will have RFID band which is registered at the administration side during
• During the movement of the Corpse by the operator from one zone to the other, the
RFID Tracking Gate System (TGS) will monitor the information and store it in the main
administration control system.
• The same RFID Satellite reader will be installed in each cell of every Mortuary to
define the position of the Corpse after storing it in the Refrigerator/Freezer
• The History of all movement/tracking of the Corpse will be registered for
documentation bases.

• Real-time information system for corpse inventory management
• Easily interfaced and complementary to local software

RFID Tag Label

• Passive HF RFID Tags (13.56 MHz. IS015693, ISEGA compliant)
• Flexible formats to meet different needs, available as stand-alone inlays or integrated under product label
• Unlimited updates data protection ensuring safe and secure information flow

Method of implementation
• RFID chip implanted into the body
• Easily tied to the body

Control system specifications Della 9 ®
The two units and all functioning of the mortuary refrigerator is being managed by a touch screen microprocessor control
system. The control system has a data recording system and Ethernet through
Which, you can connect it to the BMS, all required alarms are included in our new system. The system can also be connected to
the local network or internet and all alarms and functions of the unit can be controlled through remotely.
Hardware Display:
1) TFT display with minimum size of 9” true colors 24 bpp with resistive touch screen interface
2) Low power supply for display in the range between 12-24 Vdc.
3) Serial communication between display and mortuary refrigerator is RS485
4) Display can be installed at any place within a range of 200 M distance from the mortuary refrigerator.
5) SD card or micro SD Card data storage for long life data storage for each refrigeration unit.
6) GSM plug in board as an option for 3G connection
7) Ethernet connection
8) USB port for download data storage and upload firmware and software updating
Software Display:
1) Linux embedded operating system based.
2) Possibility to connect the display to the BMS with support Modbus TCP protocol.
3) Web server based integrated
4) Corpus storage management system (CSMS) showing all corpus data with displaying the name of the corpus during
occupation, with recording all movements of corpuses. Using color code to indicate immediately if the cell is Free of
corpus or occupied.
5) CSMS controlled remotely from the central administration office for data entry, and the real-time situation.
6) Continuous graph of cold room Temp and set point. With Temp digital indication.
7) Unlimited identified password for different levels of operators and users
8) Possibility to display movies showing the instruction for operation
9) Possibility to records temperature in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit
10) Recording frequency every 30 seconds
11) All setting and calibration through TFT display
12) Special password for locking system (Option)

Hardware controller:
1) Switching power supply for 110/220V – 50/60Hz
2) 2 NTC probes (Chamber and evaporator)
3) Humidity probe.
4) PT 100 probe
5) UPS and Battery back-up with system recharge for monitoring system and data storage
6) RS485 communications with twin modes compatible

Alarm system:
1) Visual and Audio alarms in the display with detailed fault description and the possibility to click an icon to show a movie
describing the maintenance required
2) Remote relay alarm system.

LTW-MHY hydraulic foot operated lifter

– Lifting Range: min./max. 300/1660 mm
– Loading/unloading of Thalheimer
Mortuary Refrigerators.
– Dimensions: min./max. lxwxh =
2100 x 750 x 300/1650 mm
– Net weight: approx. 110 kg
– Carrying Capacity: 250 kg


TB-V viewing and Transport cart

– Dimensions W/D/H: 2080 x 540 x 650 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg
– Dead weight: approx. 50 kg
– Material: Stainless steel




WAT-220 W / mobile: Washing & Autopsy Tables

– Dimensions W/D/H:
2200 x 750 x 850 mm
– Material: Stainless steel
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg


ADT-260 W – Autopsy dissecting table

– Basin W/D/H 400 x 500 x 200 mm
– Outlet 2“ with strainer
– 2 lockable wheels
– Dimension W/D/H: 2600 x 750 x 850 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg


CleanCut CNS3A – Autopsy saw

– Motor power (max.): 1kW
– Supply frequency: 50-60 Hz
– Suction: 2500 water gauge mm
– Sound level: 58 dB(A)


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