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MUVGI-8 for disinfection and sterilization is a special type of equipment where the sole focus is the ultraviolet lamp that are installed in a circular design to ensure, as much as possible, the reach of radiation and UV waves to all surfaces in all directions, within the space of application.

The feature of an ultraviolet sterilizer is being able to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses without the need of adding any foreign chemical at the surfaces for this purpose.

How does it work?

Ultraviolet lamps produce ultraviolet light, which is part of the light spectrum. Even under the ultraviolet spectrum there exists different bands of ultraviolet and the one that is used by ultraviolet lamps is under UV-C.

UV-C is considered to be the germicidal range (200 – 280nm) meaning it is capable of inactivating germs/protozoa etc.

How will this help?

Thalheimer’s unit MUVGI-8 utilises the short wavelength of UV that is harmful to forms of life at the micro-organic level. It is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted by the UV radiation. This removes their reproductive capabilities and kills them. The wavelength of UV that causes this effect is rare on Earth as its atmosphere blocks it. Using a MUVGI-8 unit in certain environments creates a deadly effect on microorganisms such as pathogens, viruses and moulds that are in these environments.

A separate problem that will affect the performance of the MUVGI-8 is dust or other film coating the bulb, which can lower UV output; therefore, bulbs require annual replacement and scheduled cleaning to ensure effectiveness.

What are the applications of MUVGI-8 ?

The applications for Thalheimer’s MUVGI-8 are many as listed but not limited to the below:

  • Medical and Forensic laboratories

All areas in hospitals and day clinics. UV light could reduce hospital-acquired infections, A new study shows that ultraviolet disinfection technology eliminates up to 97.7 percent of pathogens in the operating room. Using this light wavelength might help defeat superbugs.

This technology is designed for use in operating rooms, patient rooms, and other healthcare settings.

The study shows that the device can help reduce the risk of infections acquired in the hospital.

  • Fish, meet and vegetable market as well as in gastronomy retailers and industry

Potential dangers

At certain wavelengths (including UVC) UV is harmful to humans and other forms of life.

A skin exposure to germicidal wavelengths of UV light can produce sunburn and (in some cases) skin cancer. Exposure of the eyes to this UV radiation can produce extremely painful inflammation of the cornea and temporary or permanent vision impairment, up to and including blindness in some cases. UV can damage the retina of the eye. Another potential danger is the UV production of ozone. UVC light from the sun is partly responsible for the earth’s ozone layer in the stratosphere, but ozone at the atmospheric level can be harmful to a person’s health.

“Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation” (PDF). University of Liverpool. p. 3. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2016-08-06.


MUVGI-8 enables room disinfection in only 5 – 10 minutes.


After finishing the UV disinfection the room can be used immediately.


When irradiated with UV light, no multiresistances are formed.


UVC disinfection also reliably eliminates multi-resistant pathogens.


Environmentally friendly UV light disinfection without chemicals.


No use of chemicals necessary, no unpleasant odours


Immediate interruption of UV radiation when moving in space.


Simple handling with low personnel expenditure.

corpse hydraulic lifter

LTW-MHY hydraulic foot operated lifter

– Lifting Range: min./max. 300/1660 mm
– Loading/unloading of Thalheimer
Mortuary Refrigerators.
– Dimensions: min./max. lxwxh =
2100 x 750 x 300/1650 mm
– Net weight: approx. 110 kg
– Carrying Capacity: 250 kg


viewing Transport cart

TB-V viewing and Transport cart

– Dimensions W/D/H: 2080 x 540 x 650 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg
– Dead weight: approx. 50 kg
– Material: Stainless steel




Washing Autopsy Table

WAT-220 W / mobile: Washing & Autopsy Tables

– Dimensions W/D/H:
2200 x 750 x 850 mm
– Material: Stainless steel
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg


Autopsy table

ADT-260 W – Autopsy dissecting table

– Basin W/D/H 400 x 500 x 200 mm
– Outlet 2“ with strainer
– 2 lockable wheels
– Dimension W/D/H: 2600 x 750 x 850 mm
– Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg


Autopsy saw

CleanCut CNS3A – Autopsy saw

– Motor power (max.): 1kW
– Supply frequency: 50-60 Hz
– Suction: 2500 water gauge mm
– Sound level: 58 dB(A)


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