Our group of companies were visited by a high ranking Senior Medical officials as a delegation from the Egyptian Ministry of Defense regarding our RFID Blood Supply Management

In 2017, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, Contracted Thalheimer Kühlung GmbH & Co. KG to supply and establish a solution for RFID Blood Supply Management system in Blood Transfusion Service of 13 hospitals.

After the successful utilization of this technology, The officials expressed their interest in expanding it throughout the whole country’s Medical System and Hospitals.
Thalheimer Kühlung GmbH & Co. KG has arranged this delegation to visit our partner in France where the RFID & software management is being developed. It was also organized that the Officials visit several hospitals in Switzerland were similar technology has successfully been established by the group and utilized, to validate their findings and utilization of such technology . All visits plan were successfully executed.

Thalheimer Kühlung GmbH & Co. KG will be looking forward to support the health care system in Egypt to implement and expand this technology nationwide.


*** Unboxing the Thalheimer RFID Blood Refrigerators

egypt rfid refrigerator


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